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Specialty Offerings


The music program at Saint Brigid School provides children with a creative outlet for their talents.  Music improves analytical skills, increases processing skills, and promotes teamwork.  

At Saint Brigid School students learn the language of music: reading music, writing music, and creating music.  

Students learn to play several instruments while at Saint Brigid. Violin/Viola is offered during class time in the 5th and 6th Grades. Students may also participate in the String Orchestra, which takes place after school.  In addition to Violin/Viola, our students learn to play the recorder and handbells.  Afterschool offerings also include piano lessons and ukelele. 

Saint Brigid School has a special relationship with the Saint Mary's Cathedral music program, which provides our students with unparalleled opportunities, including tuition scholarships, weekly choir rehearsals, annual performance tours, and a donor base that ensures our student receive the finest TK-8th Grade music education that we can dream up.  You can learn more about the goals and efforts of the Saint Marys Cathedral Choir School here: St. Mary's Cathedral Choir School

For further information please visit: Saint Brigid School Music Program


Technology plays an important role in our students lives and education. At Saint Brigid, students visit the technology lab once a week where they build technology skills to assist their learning process and start their journey on becoming life-long technologically ethical citizens. Our students are introduced to, practice and learn various technological skills and strategies that will enhance all academic subject areas. In the technology lab, students learn Internet Safety, Coding, Tech Life Skills (hardware, software, keyboarding and navigating various software tools), Google Drive and Google Classroom, Chromebook Apps, Educational Websites (Padlet, Prezi, Storybird, etc.), and more. 


Saint Brigid School embraces technology in the classroom as the teachers enhance student learning using technology with their own teaching method. Teachers utilize technology in the classrooms to build upon the opportunity of our students to become critical thinkers and lifelong 21st Century learners. Various 21st Century tools, software programs, and applications are incorporated to enhance student learning through various projects and activities.  In every classroom, students and teachers have access to: Chromebooks (3rd-8th grades), iPads (K-2nd grades), a SmartBoard, and an Elmo. Technology plays a key role in and out of the classroom and is the key to implementing the CORE curriculum and building skills that will lead our students into their adult lives.

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