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A Message from our Head of School

Welcome Families,


With great pleasure, I want to introduce you to Saint Brigid School’s website. This is a wonderful way for community members to see what our school has to offer and be a helpful resource for our current families. 

At Saint Brigid School we are rooted in our Catholic faith. We integrate Catholicism throughout all aspects of the day. Our school offers an educational program where students develop strong values, a solid work ethic, and a compassionate worldview. They understand what it means to have HEART, and they live by it. We instill in our students:

Happy, healthy individuals

Empowered, confident thinkers

Active Christians

Responsible stewards

Technologically ethical citizens


Saint Brigid’s teachers are committed to educating their students in a way that challenges them academically and personally. The teachers create engaging learning environments where students become critical thinkers and develop life skills and the love of learning. Teachers use a variety of methods such as collaborative groups, multi-sensory learning, and a personalized learning approach. 


Once a student becomes a part of Saint Brigid School, the entire family is a part of the community. The students, faculty, and parents create a partnership in order to create the best learning experience for their children. There are many ways for families to become involved in the community, and we encourage everyone to participate. We all work together to create the best Saint Brigid School. 


We also measure our success by how our students graduate from Saint Brigid and go on to become lifelong learners. Our students attend top-ranked high schools in the community, and they are able to meet the challenges of the next steps in their educational journeys. 


We are thrilled to have you look over our website and learn more about our institution, which has proudly been educating students since 1888. 



Megan Rabbitt, Head of School

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