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Principal's Message

Welcome Families,


At Saint Brigid School we are rooted in our Catholic tradition. We strive to educate confident individuals who lead lives of purpose, fostering independent thought, integrity, analytical thinking, and an open-minded worldview.  Along with our active parent community, we pride ourselves in our students as they mature into dedicated family and community members. We look forward to a future in which they take their places as conscientious leaders in our global society.


Saint Brigid's faculty forms a community of learners, encouraging students daily to challenge themselves academically and personally.  The professional skill and dedication of our faculty and staff provide students with real tools for the exhilarating challenges of life.  We are all proud to be a part of an educational experience that includes feeding the spirit, strengthening minds, and exercising talents.


As well as having students of alumni, Saint Brigid School welcomes families from all faiths and from all over the world. We are fortunate to have an exceptionally diverse and multi-ethnic community that enriches the educational experience for all. Nourishing the whole child, we have incorporated formal technology instruction and rigorous music and Spanish programs as integral parts of our students’ educations. Teachers creatively blend technology into core curricular areas to encourage lifelong 21st-century learners.


Saint Brigid students develop strong values, a solid work ethic, and a compassionate world view. They understand what it means to have HEART and to live it. Our expectation for all students is that they strive to become:


Happy, healthy individuals

Empowered, confident thinkers

Active Christians

Responsible stewards

Technologically ethical citizens


We encourage you to take some time to search our website and gain a true sense of Saint Brigid School. It truly is an extraordinary community of faculty, students, and parents!

Sister Angeles, Principal

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