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Curriculum and Core Academics
At Saint Brigid School we provide a program that encompasses the spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological, and physical levels of development. The curriculum is designed by the Archdiocese of San Francisco Department of Catholic Schools in compliance with California State Board of Education Content Standards.  The curriculum includes a sequential program of instruction in religion, language arts, mathematics, social studies, health, science, Spanish, technology, music, art, and physical education.

Saint Brigid students typically advance to rigorous college-prep high schools in San Francisco, including Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, Convent and Stuart Hall, University, Lick Wilmerding, Mercy, Archbishop Riordan, and Lowell High Schools.

In a recent survey during the COVID-19 crisis and distance learning, 88% of parents would highly recommend Saint Brigid School to another family.  In 2019-2020 test results (STAR Testing by Renaissance Solutions) Saint Brigid's students outperform their peers nationally.  In math, 84% of Saint Brigid students exceed the national average with 59% of those students in the top 25 percentile nationwide.  In reading skills, 80% of Saint Brigid students exceed the national average with 46% being in the top 25 percentile nationwide. 

Student Learning Expectations

Saint Brigid School students have HEART


We are:

Happy, healthy individuals who care for ourselves and others.

Empowered, confident thinkers who are open-minded and diligent.

Active Christians who act like Jesus.

Responsible stewards who contribute to our greater community.

Technologically ethical citizens who communicate effectively.


Saint Brigid has an exceptionally diverse community — ethnically, culturally, and socio-economically which enriches our learning and social environment.  Saint Brigid is proud of its Catholic identity while welcoming and respecting students and families of all faiths. 

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