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Learning the fun way

Learning the fun way

School Life

4:1 Student-teacher ratio, ensuring individualized care for all

At Saint Brigid Academy, we teach to the whole child. The most important aspect is their spiritual well-being. We incorporate Christian principles throughout the day. This may include prayer, religion coursework, liturgical music for Masses, and following the liturgical calendar.


At Saint Brigid Academy, we provide a program that encompasses the spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological, and physical levels of development. The curriculum complies with California State Board of Education Content Standards. Saint Brigid Academy provides highly individualized learning experiences that include a multi-sensory approach. In grades 3 to 8, all core subjects are departmentalized and led by subject-area faculty members. All grade levels have homeroom classes in which social - emotional programs are taught and practiced.  

We offer all-core subjects: Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts (ELA), and Social Studies. Our faculty and staff integrate Science Technology Engineering Art Math (STEAM) in all core subjects to provide project-based and real-world learning experiences. Students also study religion, language, music, and physical education. Our students learn to think critically, do short and long-term research, and are prepared for competitive opportunities to further their educations and careers.


Saint Brigid offers a multi-sensory approach to teaching literacy (Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Reading Systems).  This unique way of learning supports students who may have dyslexia, comprehension challenges, and other reading differences. This approach also benefits students who struggle with attention and focus. 

At Saint Brigid Academy, our drama classes play a role in fostering creativity and self-expression among our students. The drama curriculum is designed to engage students in a comprehensive exploration of the performing arts, allowing them to select their desired roles and participate actively in the production process. Throughout the semester, students collaborate, rehearse, and refine their performances, culminating in a final play presented to parents and the school community. This experience not only enhances their acting skills but also builds confidence, teamwork, and a deep appreciation for the arts.

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