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Academic Specials


Technology plays an important role in our students' lives and education. Our students are introduced to, practice, and learn various technological skills and strategies that will enhance all academic subject areas. Students learn Internet Safety, Coding, Google Drive and Google Classroom, Chromebook Apps, Educational Websites (Padlet, Prezi, Storybird, etc.), and more. 


In every classroom, students and teachers can access Chromebooks (3rd-8th grades), iPads (K-2nd grades), a SmartBoard, and an Elmo. Technology plays a key role in and out of the classroom and is the key to implementing the CORE curriculum and building skills that will lead our students into adult lives.



The music program at Saint Brigid Academy provides children with a creative outlet for their talents.  Music improves analytical skills, increases processing skills, and promotes teamwork.  Saint Brigid Academy has a special relationship with the Saint Mary's Cathedral music program, which provides our students with unparalleled opportunities, including tuition scholarships, weekly choir rehearsals, annual performance tours, and a donor base that ensures our students receive the finest K-8th Grade music education that we can dream up.  You can learn more about the goals and efforts of the Saint Mary's Cathedral Choir School here: St. Mary's Cathedral Choir School



The Spanish program at Saint Brigid Academy offers students an immersive and dynamic language learning experience. Our curriculum is designed to develop fluency in Spanish through interactive lessons that incorporate speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Students engage in cultural explorations, enhancing their understanding of Spanish-speaking countries and their traditions. The program includes the use of modern technology and resources such as language apps, interactive SmartBoard activities, and multimedia presentations to reinforce learning. By participating in Spanish classes, students not only gain linguistic proficiency but also broaden their global perspectives and cultural appreciation, preparing them for a diverse and interconnected world.


Physical Education

Physical Education at Saint Brigid Academy plays a vital role in our students' overall development and well-being. Our students engage in various physical activities and learn essential fitness skills that enhance their physical health and academic performance. Students learn about the importance of regular exercise, team sports, individual fitness goals, and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, nutritional education is integrated into our program, teaching students about balanced diets, healthy eating habits, and the impact of nutrition on their bodies and minds through a once-monthly in-school cooking course.

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