Saint Brigid School A Tradition of Excellence

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Why St. Brigid School?

At Saint Brigid School you and your child will experience...


  • Challenging Academics

  • Faith-Centered Life

  • Affordability

  • Cultural Diversity

  • 21st Century Learning

  • Extracurricular Opportunities


Challenging Academics
Faculty and staff at Saint Brigid School focus on providing a rigorous, faith-centered 21st-century education. Children learn under high expectations with clear guidance and support that builds a community of motivated learners. All students at Saint Brigid receive a rigorous Spanish language curriculum and usually advance to second level and honors Spanish classes upon leaving Saint Brigid. All of our students develop cognitive and analytical skills through our intensive Music program that incorporates both instrumental and voice instruction. Students receive an education that meets their particular needs. Teachers and staff challenge them while offering the necessary support to create confident, eager learners. Saint Brigid students advance to rigorous college-prep high schools in San Francisco, including Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, Stuart Hall High School, Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, University High School, and Lowell High School. 

Faith-Centered Life

Saint Brigid School welcomes families of all faiths. We nurture each child's spiritual development while respecting and encouraging individual thought. Students participate in Mass monthly, and celebrate the seasons of the Church throughout the year. The community emphasizes and celebrates the moral and spiritual development of each student alongside academic growth.

It is the mission of Saint Brigid School to open the doors of private education to families of all income levels. Not only is this fair and just, it promotes the richness and diversity we value so highly in our school.


The Future of Saint Brigid School Students
Saint Brigid School students graduate to a variety of Bay Area high schools. The most common are listed below. For further information, such as admission requirements, on these and other high schools, please visit the San Francisco Archdiocese's listing of Bay Area Schools. 

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory
Convent of the Sacred Heart High School
Stuart Hall High School
St. Ignatius College Preparatory
Lowell High School
Immaculate Conception Academy
Mercy High School
Archbishop Riordan High School
Lick-Wilmerding High School
San Francisco University High School
The Urban School of San Francisco
The Bay School

Cultural Diversity
Saint Brigid School has an exceptionally diverse community — ethnically, culturally, and socio-economically which enriches the learning and social environment for our families. Our students, therefore, learn to value and respect differences within themselves, their friends, their family, and their community.


21st Century Learning

We pride ourselves on our dedication to building life long learners. Our students are encouraged to collaborate, communicate, think critically, problem-solve, and use their creativity. 


Extracurricular Opportunities and After School Enrichment
Saint Brigid School offers its students a full curriculum. In addition to the core classes, all students are given opportunities to enrich their lives through music, physical education, Spanish, library, and technology. Sixth-grade students attend a week-long outdoor education camp, seventh-grade students participate in drama and produce their own play, and all students in grades third through eighth may join the Saint Brigid Honor Choir. The choir sings at Saint Mary’s Cathedral as well as other events throughout California. 
At Saint Brigid School, we nourish the whole child. Our after school enrichment programs are extensive. In addition to an after school extended care program, Saint Brigid has an active CYO athletics membership in soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Our St. Mary's Cathedral Choir is available for grades second through eighth. Instructors offer chess, coding, cooking, voice lessons, piano, violin, guitar, and dance classes.