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Oral Book Review

Oral Book Review


Some tips for giving an effective oral presentation:


YOU read the book or created the presentation. YOU did the research. YOU are the expert. YOU are now sharing what you know with your audience.


A. The speaker:

1. SPEAK loudly, slowly, and clearly.
2. LOOK at your audience.
3. You may glance at your notes, but you MAY NOT READ them. 4. Do not go over three minutes (at the longest).
5. When you begin, introduce yourself. Then:

  1. introduce your topic(subject,authorofbook)

  2. tell why you choose this topic or subject

  3. present your information in chronological/logical order

  4. make sure that you tell your audience "what you learned" from

    reading this book or doing research into this topic.

B. Body/ Language of the speaker:

1. The speaker should stand up straight.
2. The speaker should look directly at his or her audience.
3. The speaker should hold his or her hands in front of him or her.
4. The speaker should NOT do anything distracting with his hands
5. The speaker should not rock or sway while giving the presentation. 6. The speaker should not say "Ahh" or "Um" repeatedly.


C. The Audience:

1. The audience should:


a. be POLITE
b. be attentive

c. be respectful
d. look at the speaker at all times
e. sit up straight throughout the presentation.


2. The audience should not:

a. be doing other work.
b. groom themselves while the speaker is speaking.
c. talk to other people while the speaker is speaking.
d. yawn or put their heads down on the desk while the speaker

is speaking.
e. laugh inappropriately.



We should show respect for others at all times. Giving a speech is a challenge. As an audience member, we should be supportive and encouraging. Also, remember, at some point each of us will have to be the speaker. Treat others as you would want to be treated.