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Book Review Form


A. Answer the following about the assigned book in the following format: 1. Title: (Underline or italicize the title of all books)
3. Number of pages:

4. Setting: Describe two settings in the book. Include at least five descriptive details for each setting. Describe each setting in a short paragraph.

5. Major character: In a paragraph, describe the “hero” or main character of the book. What does he/she look like? What kind of “person” is he/she? What is the most important lesson that the character learns in the course of the book?

6. Characters: In a paragraph, describe at least two of the minor characters in your book and give at least three characteristics for each that describe their personalities.

7. Conflict: Name and explain the main conflict. What specifically is the main problem? 8. Resolution: How is the main conflict resolved? Give a brief explanation in a short

Plot. In at least two paragraphs, describe the plot of the book, with special attention to

important events. You may include exposition, rising action, climax, falling action.

10. Theme: Choose and explain one important main idea from the book. What did the author intend for the reader to learn?

11. Vocabulary: Find and define 10 vocabulary words in the novel.

12. Presentation:
Include a cover page: illustration, title of book, name, date, subject b. Refe to the handout on formating.

1. 12-14 font
2. Geneva, palantino, ariel, times
3. 1-1/2 margins
4. paragraph: consists of at least 7-11 sentences