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Eighth Grade

English Language Arts Curriculum

Literature in the eighth grade is an exploration of the genres of literature, i.e, the short story, the essay, poetry, and the novel, with a concentration on the following:
  • Discussion focusing on the themes and elements of literature
  • Critical thinking  and writing skills
  • Utilization of close reading and vocabulary study skills
  • Cooperative projects
  • Book reviews of various, appropriate works of adolescent literature.

We emphasize writing throughout the curriculum. In the subject area of English, we use the writing process to practice various modes of writing: research essays with an emphasis on ethical research skills, personal narrative essay, comparison/contrast essay, persuasive essay, and literary response essay.  

Throughout the school year, we review the eight major parts of speech, sentence structure, and punctuation, emphasizing their mastery and utilization in our everyday writing.

Our eighth graders take a full-year high school level algebra course. We cover all the topics presented in algebra from complex equations to the quadratic formula. While the study of algebra topics begins in earlier grades, it culminates this year with the application of abstract math concepts and algebraic organization of procedures to problem solving. We are proud of the success our students have in this challenging course!

Social Studies
We study American history throughout the year: Native Americans, colonization, the American revolution, and the Constitution. In addition, there is an emphasis on: discussion, note-taking protocol, research projects that reflect the particular area being studied, and Google presentations and other hands on projects

We study Church history, doctrine, and practice in the eighth grade. We offer the Sacrament of Confirmation in the spring.


Some highlights of eighth grade at Saint Brigid School:

  • Visits from the various high school admissions directors
  • Field trips:
    • The California Academy of Sciences
    • A Day in the Courts: a visit to the State Courts on McAllister
    • Asian Museum of Art
    • Giants game
    • End of the year trip to Great America
  • Science Fair participation
  • Volunteering at the SF/Marin Food Bank: Hunger Awareness Project in collaboration with the first and third grades
  • Graduation at St. Mary’s Cathedral