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Seventh Grade

Seventh grade is a year of greater academic challenges and much more independence for these maturing students. Students learn to use their time wisely, spreading big projects out over several days, and still have time for their many athletic and musical activities. Seventh graders have a special class in drama that culminates in the production of a play that is certainly a highlight of their year. Students continue to grow in faith, intelligence, leadership, and physical ability, making seventh grade a year of wondrous changes!
Seventh graders take a full year of pre-algebra to prepare for their eighth grade algebra course. This is a year of refining basic skills and applying them to more abstract problem solving. They learn the style of formal algebra, covering topics that include integer operations, equations and inequalities, graphing, geometric formulas, and statistical analysis.
Language Arts
Seventh graders have a broad range of language arts classes from simple spelling and handwriting practice to detailed English grammar, the many styles of composition, and literature genres that include fiction, non-fiction, poetry, short stories, novels, and current event articles. A great project for seventh graders is a living wax museum presentation following their study of biographies.
Social Studies Curriculum
The seventh grade studies the medieval period of history: the fall of Rome, the beginning of Islam and its empire, the empires of West Africa, the Congo, and the African eastern trading cities, the rise of the Ottoman Empire, China after the fall of the Han dynasty, feudal Japan, and lastly, medieval Europe and its feudal system. There is an emphasis on:
  • The elements of the history, geography, culture, and the contributions of these highly developed civilizations
  • Class Discussion
  • Note-taking protocol
  • Various quarterly projects that reflect the period and culture being studied
Seventh grade religion focuses on the Gospels, several of the Epistles of St. Paul, and how the message learned in class can be applied to everyday life. It is always our hope that students take to heart the lessons learned in religion so that they will choose to live righteous lives of purpose, to care for the poor and needy, and to commit themselves to faithfulness in all they do.

Seventh Grade English 
This site will provide helpful practice in English. Use the web code ebk.

Ms. Young's 7th Grade Language Arts Website


Seventh Grade Health 
There are great practice activities for each chapter in the health book at this site. 
Our book is Teen Health Course 2, 2005 edition.


Seventh Grade Math 
Each lesson in the pre-algebra book has helpful information available from this site. 
Students should use the web code awe followed by a four digit number. The number will be the chapter and lesson. For example, chapter 4, lesson 3, would be 04-03 or chapter 11, lesson 9, would be 11-09.