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Second Grade

In second grade, students begin to take more responsibility for their learning by being responsible for their homework and behavior. During this year students focus on cooperative learning: how to be an accountable and helpful partner in each other's learning. Friendships play an important role and students learn conflict resolution to support healthy relationships they will carry throughout their lives. Students enjoy collaborating with sixth grade students on Saint Brigid Newspaper.
English Language Arts
The development of reading fluency is continued at this grade level as students gain reading stamina and greater comprehension. Comprehension skills include: making predictions, identifying the main idea, story elements, determining cause and effect, connecting stories to their lives, and developing questions to the authors and characters of a story.
Students write using their five senses to illustrate details. The writing genres include descriptive, narrative, and expository writing, while integrating rules of grammar and sentence structure. Second graders grow as authors by participating in every step of the writing process, creating a book which they read to other classes during their book tour.
Social Studies
In social studies, students create a personal timeline to help them learn about the the passage of time. They learn about African-American history, and people who contribute positively to communities. Students also learn about supply and demand and its role in their communities.
Math concepts in second grade include addition and subtraction of three digit numbers with regrouping, place value, money, measurement (both U.S. standard and metric units), graphing and data analysis, as well as, introduced to fractions. Students create a math interactive notebook to review concepts, and explain their thought process and provide evidence for their answers.
In second grade, students who wish to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Eucharist are provided the opportunity. Students read prayer journals, Bible stories, and Good News Magazines. All students learn about the Sacraments and their role in the Catholic faith as an outward sign of God's love.