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First Grade

First grade students enjoy reading a variety of children's literature, exploring our community of San Francisco, going on adventures around the city, and working on fun group projects. Students learn different content areas while enhancing their reading skills, working with hands on math manipulatives, talking about their cultures in the classroom, and celebrating holidays and birthdays.
English Language Arts
Students gain reading fluency, becoming stronger readers and and writers.  They learn about story elements, including character, setting, beginning, middle, end, and main idea. The spelling program focuses on patterns, blends, prefixes and suffixes.
Social Studies
Neighborhoods are the focus the social studies curriculum in first grade. As students explore the jobs, helpers, community celebrations, and holidays in their town, their state and their country, they gain a larger perspective of their world.  
The 100th Day Celebration is a big event in the first grade, and they spend, well...100 days preparing for it!  Understanding the concepts of place value, addition, subtraction, shapes, measurement, and problem solving students demonstrate a love of all things math. 
God loves All of Us, is the theme of the religious education in first grade.  Students show God's love to one another through kindness, sharing, and friendships.
Mrs. Claire Feigenbaum: