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In Kindergarten, we focus on nourishing the whole child. It is an exciting time of exploration for children. As their motor coordination increases so to will their sense of independence, self reliance, and self confidence. To begin their journey, kindergarteners partner with the fifth grade students engaging in a variety of STEM and other activities.
English Language Arts
Focus on phonological awareness through word play, rhyming, and tongue twisters that leads to confidence and building a reading vocabulary in grades to come. Reading comprehension concepts include story elements such as, character, setting, and parts of a story. In addition to proper handwriting skills, students are introduced to both fictional and non-fictional reading and writing.
Development of mathematical concepts in kindergarten are the foundation for the future learning in math. Students gradually develop an understanding of how numbers relate to each other using manipulatives, ipads and partner interaction. The curriculum includes number sense, sequencing and patterns, measurement and problem solving.
Social Studies
Begin learning how their family, school and community may differ from others by constructing pictures, maps, and graphs. There is a strong focus on holidays and national celebrations that includes recognition of symbols, traditions and their importance.
Through Children's Bibles Stories kindergarten students learn that they are part of God's family and are loved by God. They learn to develop friendships and share with others as they participate in Christian service activities throughout our school mission projects.