Saint Brigid School A Tradition of Excellence

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How large is Saint Brigid School's student body?
250 students

What are Saint Brigid School's accreditations?
We have been accredited by the WCEA (Western Catholic Educators Association) and WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) through 2021.

What is the average class size?
Grades TK-2: 20 students
Grades 3-5: 28 students
Grades 6-8: 33 students

How long is the school year?
Late August through early June. We have 180 instructional days.

What is the school day schedule?
(please refer to Bell Schedule under the Students section of this website for more details)
Grades K-2: 8:00AM - 2:45PM
Grades 3-5: 8:00AM - 2:50PM
Grades 6-8: 8:00AM - 3:00PM

What are the application and tuition fees?
Application Fee: $100
Registration: $700
Tuition: $8,360 [2018-2019 school year]

What financial aid programs are available?
We work with the Archdiocesan Family Grants and the Basic Fund.

Are uniforms required?
Yes, all students are required to wear the school uniform. Click here to shop.

Is there before and after school care?
Yes, Early morning yard supervision begins at 7:00 AM. The Extension Program is available from dismissal until 6:00PM. Click here for more details.

Are there any extra-curricular activities?
Yes, there are many activities and clubs available.


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Are there any sports programs?
Yes. Click here for details.